Brief Outlines in Essay

When students say I’m going to do a brief background on the history of the world a brief outline of all the theories that ever came up you know on economics or something this is an exaggeration but that term brief as soon as i read i’m going to do a brief blah blah blah I know this is blah blah blah okay this is actual nonsense padding you know not getting to the point procrastination wasn’t it you that use the term be the procrastination this is standard stuff that we all do we procrastinate we don’t get to the most important point in the outline make sure you have up there what is the most important issue and get to it almost immediately avoid giving your own views this is again the thing i am going to argue that.

Okay that’s another standard line i am going to argue that and/or develop the argument that for you to develop your own argument takes a lot i’m repeating that okay so these are standard lines I look for in the substantive part when I know students are then going to go a straight okay so brief outlines a part of that then try and use the literature okay and don’t just select random articles from the internet okay I go back to that when you actually go to articles have questions written down why are you reading that article otherwise you read line one line two first paragraph second paragraph it is 50 pages it is eleven o’clock at night you’re tired you know how much are you absorbing but if you read selectively I need to read this to get this piece of information again that again it helps you to not plagiarize because you’ve got your own structure your own argumentation you’re just reading to reinforce your ideas and thoughts okay.

But you’re not reading for that piece to influence you directly and to condition your answer when you present arguments I often read exit this why said this this is not critical appraisal okay exit this I think it is a solid argument because of blah blah blah the assumptions underlying this or this some of these have validity others don’t of many people question the validity you understand I’m not saying X said this Y said something opposite therefore because Y says something opposite that’s a criticism of X this is not acceptable okay this is not acceptable practice the same with empirical evidence I disagree with that empirical evidence because someone else has presented another set of evidence first you need to look at the evidence being presented how valid is that evidence how did they get that information okay how plausible is that how does it support their argumentation then if you want to present someone else as evidence that’s fine but it’s not you can’t make counter factual arguments like that you can’t say this is wrong because I got some other evidence okay.