From Brainstorming To Writing

Let’s talk about academics so although academics is very broad we want to go and hone it down and let’s say that I have a very specific passion for history so before we move on I just want to give you some time to talk about and think about in chat us with what you think we could write in terms of passion for history so go ahead and do that what are some unique points and stories that will help me and help my writing stand out and be specific give you a few more seconds to let us know what you think help us brainstorm we’re seeing specific experiences or trips writing a play based on historical figure oh these are great a certain event in history that I’m particularly interested in attending lectures at local schools historical board game yeah yeah these are great. More information on brainstorming at

So for me I’ve written that I could write about my passion for history specifically as a subset of the broad academics category of course so moving down to the box I can write about how my his passion for history and the broad topic of academics are related to an award-winning project about the Silk Road and then how I am particularly interested on on particularly interested in how ingredients traveled to influence different cuisines back and forth on the Silk Road again this is just a quick example of how you can get started on brainstorming about what to write for your essay so let’s decide that out of these three topics of family community and academics I select family as the topic that I would like to keep talking about okay so we’ve completed our brainstorming session but how do you move forward from brainstorming to actually putting together all the pieces into a cohesive written essay so this is where the outlining part comes in so now certain things like grammar run-on sentences and other writing mechanics are pretty easy to understand but before you do that it’s really important to have a bare-bones outline in a roadmap that you can follow.

This is a pulled piece from our brainstorming essay so it may be useful to think about a common thread that ties the different ideas of my brainstorming and essay draft together so brainstorm before hand to really hone in on the key details that I want to include will help me avoid confusion and frustration later on so right now I see the common thread of resourcefulness this means that everything I write about will somehow relate to my resourceful nacinda context of my family and household so what’s an intuitive way to write about all this in the first paragraph I introduce my family my siblings and my family situation overall in the second paragraph I hone in on the great responsibilities of buying food for my siblings with $20 and how I really needed to get creative and in the third paragraph I show my growth and the fact that I have perfected the art of cooking entire meals with only $20 and there is a common thread.