Introduction And Thesis Statement

If you start too broadly or you have a – if something’s too generalized you’re going to run into trouble for example if I’m writing an essay where I’m examining the characters in the book The Great Gatsby if the focus is the characters within the Great Gatsby my introduction doesn’t need to be so generalized as to discuss the whole writing career or biography of the author f scott Fitzgerald that would be unnecessary there’s no relationship there and also you know another example would be if I’m going to write an essay where I believe we need a new transit a new public transportation system in our city I wouldn’t begin the essay with a whole history report of the city in general you know. Find more great hints on your essay paper at Edusson.

You want to have things that are relative you want the components to match the thing that an introduction needs to do is it needs to establish the writers credibility and say the general tone for the piece you know this is where you you lay out the groundwork for what your arguments going to become you know you move your introduction into your thesis statement because you want to identify some central claims within your essay you don’t want to point out every single item that you’re going to cover you don’t want to defend elements of your paper in the introduction you merely want to suggest or imply what’s coming ahead what’s the need for for this paper why is there a reason for it you have to sort of create a reason for the paper to be written now your introduction should always bear that direct relationship to the thesis statement just because they’re they’re tangential tangentially related does not mean that they are related enough to be included in your introduction if you have information like I said if I’m writing on the characters if I’m writing about Daisy Buchanan in the great gatsby F scott Fitzgerald writing career would have nothing to do with that even though he wrote the book those two things aren’t related there’s not a close enough relationship for that to be written.

So I always make sure there’s a relationship between the introduction and your thesis statement here are some possible ways to begin I know you know you always want to have sort of that narrative hook no matter what you’re doing you want to have something that pulls your reader and draws the reader in attracts the audience here are some ways to begin here are some ways to build an introduction you may want to use an illustrative anecdote and that’s just you may want to tell a story that presents the problem or presents the issue that you’re going to address with your thesis you could have just a very strong opinion that you present and you want to defend you may have pertinent or startling a pertinent or startling statistic some statistical information that will really shock or wow your audience and really pull them in to make them interested or make them concerned about the topic you may have an unusual fact or a vivid example that will do.