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Cardiff sits on the hub of an international transport network that connects the city to London, Europe and beyond. Cardiff is only one and a half hours from Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport and benefits from its own international Airport, which has daily flights to Amsterdam Schiphol – and over 400 connecting destinations.


Cardiff is located on the M4 motorway corridor providing high-speed road access to London and Birmingham in around 2 hours and easy access to cities throughout the UK through the extensive motorway network.

Cardiff offers regular direct Inter-City train services to the UK’s major cities including half hourly services connecting Cardiff to London in under 2 hours and regular direct services to Birmingham and Manchester, providing connections throughout the UK.

In 2011, the UK Government confirmed that a £1 billion investment into the electrification of the main rail line between London and Cardiff will go ahead, cutting the journey time by about 20 minutes.


Cardiff is highly accessible to its region, with around 40% of the city’s workforce traveling in from the wider region to work in the city each day. Frequent local rail services offer an affordable and reliable alternative to the car and a network of modern buses provides the city with a cosmopolitan local transport system.

The South Wales Metro report 2011 sets out a newly improved blueprint for a transport system of the future for Cardiff and the region. It underlines that Wales’s future economic growth requires a new vision for the Capital’s connectivity and recognition from the global evidence, that a thriving, connected city region can be an engine of economic growth. A high capacity, reliable and efficient regional transport system would bring the 1.4 million people in the city-region closer together to enable:

– Access to a larger talent pool

– the spreading of economic benefits far and wide

– the creation of a region able to work on a bigger, more international stage.

– the density to develop internationally significant clusters

In a joint partnership, Cardiff Council and the Welsh Government have invested £28 million into the city to create the country’s first Sustainable Travel Town. This green investment will include a free city centre shuttle bus service, a park and ride facility, and improved cycling and walking routes.