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Function & Purpose

The Duties of Consuls

Consuls are appointed to further the interests of the country they represent by encouraging commercial, academic and cultural activities. They also endeavour to assist, and protect the interests of the nationals of that Country whenever this is necessary. All their work is done within the terms of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, an International Protocol which was drafted and agreed by the International Law Commission, and signed by the Representatives of the respective Governments on 24th April 1963.

The Objectives of the Association

The Consular Association exists to bring its Members together in close and friendly co-operation, for the promotion and protection of their mutual interests.

The Consular Corps reflects a very broad range of experience, and the resources which its members can command are used particularly to benefit the communities of Wales. Its members believe they are a resource which can be used very effectively in the development of economic and cultural contacts, both at the European level and in the wider world.

The Administration of the Association

The President and the Honorary Secretary convene the meetings of the Association, and deal with its relations with H.M. Government, the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government, the Local Authorities, and other public bodies.

Individual Consuls will respond to the specific interests of each of these bodies as they arise from time to time to promote business, cultural and other links with the Countries they represent. They will also respond as they deem appropriate to the needs of businesses, community groups and individuals whose international outreach they may be able to assist, as well as attending to the needs of nationals of the Countries which have appointed them.

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