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Cardiff is a thriving knowledge economy: boasting above average employment in knowledge intensive sectors, a growing R&D base, and a burgeoning innovation culture. It is home to four outstanding institutions:



Cardiff’s Universities have nine ‘Centres of Excellence’ recognised for technology and industrial collaboration and are also stimulating a thriving local enterprise culture particularly in knowledge intensive sectors such as ICT, Creative Industries and Life Sciences. The Universities support a spin-out culture, and Cardiff University has its own fund run by Fusion IP to finance new ventures.

Together the universities boast 65,000 undergraduate students and over 12,000 post-graduate students, as a result of this together with the high standard of local institutions, Cardiff’s labour pool is highly skilled delivering a stream of talent for the city’s employers.


Cardiff’s strategic location offers easy access to a further five universities including Bristol, Bath, University of the West of England, Swansea and Newport – providing access to an additional 50,000 students and a range of world-class research and teaching expertise in under an hour.